Artist Statement




"My favorite subjects are landscapes and abstracts.  in my landscapes I like to exaggerate color to evoke a mood or emotion.  They are not about an isolated place or a specific time of day, but rather about a particular feeling, a sense that is initiated by the scene, and one that is remembered rather than closely observed.

My paintings are built of layers of acrylic paint and mediums worked over and through with various washes of transparent color. At times the paint is applied with thick rich strokes giving energy to the work.  Using color, images, design and various tools I search for the right composition and combination of colors. 

Even when my paintings are abstract, nature is often a beginning point but my primary fascination is with the seemingly magical interactions of colors achieved by multiple layers of paint.

working on an abstract painting. Is like going on a journey with no map and no destination. It's totally creative.  That is both a blessing and a curse for I never know what a painting will end up looking like.